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Special thanks to all that attended the WIX SEO Meetup. Click here to download the complete slide deck. The discount code for your WIX hosting plan is:

Coupon Code: WixAmbassadorsAreTheBest

"Its one thing to have the knowledge, but sometimes you just need like-minded people with you to brainstorm, remind you where to click, or just make you sit still to get it done."

Email Paula to request a one-on-one session or sign up to participate in one of the upcoming workshops.

Paula Saunders has been in business for 7 years, developing and maintaining websites for small to medium size businesses. She uses Wix as her go-to website development tool and acts as Wix Ambassador for the Los Angeles area. Paula hosts events to build communities of Wix users, and offer training and support to help small business owners grow their online presence - and ultimately their business.


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