"You have to continue to work it...

        if you want it to continue to work"


The goal of using Social Media Marketing is to create opportunities for interaction with customers.  These interactions build relationships where fans make additional purchases and become referral sources. By communicating interesting information to current customers we entice them to forward it along to their friends and family.  Referrals are and will always be more effective than blind advertisements.


Facebook = Likes

Instagram = Re-grams

Pinterest = Re-pins 

Twitter = Retweets


There are a multitude of strategies that can be used to stay in touch and drive customers to your website to complete purchases.  The important thing to remember is social media marketing is the same as all traditional marketing strategies in that you have to continue to work it for it to continue to work.  Your social tools have to be updated regularly with interesting content to remain effective in driving sales.

McDonalds Corporation is a household name.  We see them on every corner in every city in the country, yet they continue to buy billboards, run ads in magazines, television commercials, etc.  They control their own image and drive customers to their locations to buy.  Social Media Marketing is a lot less expensive with sweat equity being the larger commitment required for its success.


Techphix can work with you to gather compelling content for your business in an efficient and strategic manner with targeted release schedules to maximize customer advocacy.



So you’ve decided your customers are ready to move into the 21st century…great!  Can we talk about your business?


  • Who are you?  We need to Establish a Personality - Write out twenty "3-word keyword strings" that represent your brand.

  • Who is your target audience?  What is their lifestyle?

  • Are there causes they support or artistic outlets that coincide with customer interests?  Local events? 

  • What social networks do you own?

  • Do you have multiple business segments?

  • Are there multiple people in your business that will be contributing content?



There are many ways marketing firms approach social media marketing.  As a small business driven technology company, Techphix has developed a proprietary formula for quarterly targeted social campaigns.  Each campaign is built with a specific goal in mind, and attached to a specific goal, online competition, holiday season, etc.  In the month prior to the campaign quarter, we meet to discuss the campaign and content needed.


Brand Promotion - Having a strong following on social media is important, because the Internet has become the first place people look to find information about new products and services.  People subconsciously think...if other people don't know you, why should I give you try?  We can create campaigns with the specific goal of increasing your following on various social channels to build your credibility in the online world.

Sales - Techphix designs the graphic materials to create social posts that link directly to your website to boost your email marketing lists.  Larger lists mean more potential clients to market to.  For realtors, we could promote a new property they has come available, or a special loan program.  Restaurants may promote a special menu item, etc.


Social Interaction - Techphix monitors your social accounts to track activity and respond to follower comments.  We forward any customer service requests to you and remove any content that misrepresents the brand.


Check out these results from a social campaign completed for TRENDZ Show, a major fashion trade show in Florida.  Let's talk about your goals, contact us!


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