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The first place we all go to find what we need these days is the internet!  If you want to be considered by new clients they need to feel confident in your stability, professionalism, and accessibility.  Having a website helps to alleviate those concerns.  There are two types of websites - Informational websites vs Ecommerce websites / Online Stores.


The Heart of Your Online Marketing

The website is at the heart of online marketing for every business.  Why?  Because the goal is to drive people from every other online tool to our website to complete an action.  Whether it's to Contact You, Buy Something, Register for a Course, Join Your Email List, etc.  


Facebook posts, Email messages, Postcard mailers... marketing efforts of any type should tell current or prospective customers more about our businesses and guide them our website to complete a call to action.


Techphix is the best choice to develop the most important element of your brand representation.  We will make sure that the website navigation is intuitive and visually appealing, and your website achieves your goals for now and in the future.  Learn more about the various website types below, and send us a little information so we can provide a customized quote.

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Informational Website Development

Informational Websites tell site visitors who you are, what you do, and how to move forward with working with you. Typical site maps include:

  • HOME






Informational Websites often include members only areas, searchable directories, and complex information gathering tools.  Techphix will work with you to plan the best site map for ease of use for site visitors.  Always keeping search engine optimization top of mind, we custom design the website look and feel to your brand, and ensure the content is informative and compelling.  


Informational websites development cost ranges from $899 - $1,499.  Techphix also offers ongoing maintenance from $55 per month to keep your website content up to date.

Answer a few questions so we can decide what is best for your business...

E-Commerce Website Development

In addition to the content of an Informational Website, customers can complete purchases of products or services directly from E-commerce websites, which are also referred to as online stores.

Clients often sell:

  • Digital Products - Video Courses or Music Downloads (free, single payment, or subscriptions)

  • Services - Booked appointments or live experiences paid for through your website. 

  • Physical Products - Clothing, Jewelry, Candles, Furniture, Gifts, Electronics, Food Products, etc. Anything you make and ship directly to your customers.

  • Dropshipped Products - Physical Products you sell, that are made and shipped by someone else on your behalf.


Techphix can custom design your website, set up credit card processing/shipping/tax, and train you to manage products and process orders.  Our Ecommerce website development usually ranges from $1,299 - $2,499, though we have built advanced websites from $5k up.

Let us know what you want to sell through your website so we can provide an accurate quote.

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SEO Assistance

Search Engine Optimization - Get Found on Google!

Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing a website so that it will appear higher in search.  Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing all have the same general process.  They Crawl websites, Index the information, and Serve Results.


CRAWLING:  The process by which search engines scan and discover new and updated pages to be added to the index.


INDEXING: The index is comparable to a library filing system.  The search engine sorts and organizes the website page content, based on what is seen on the live side and the SEO information entered into the back end.


SERVING RESULTS:  Results are the clickable website options shown after a search is performed.


The search engines goal is to give everyone the results that best match what they are looking for!  The specifics of the algorithms are not known, because search engines continue to improve and evolve.  The most important thing we can do is provide detailed and accurate information about ourselves.  If we give clear consistent information about who we are and what we do, we have a greater opportunity to connect with the correct customers.

Techphix offers one time SEO Service and ongoing SEO Assistance:

  • ONE TIME SEO SERVICE - from $299 Including a 90 minute keyword brainstorming session.

  • SEO + Google My Business - $499 including SEO One time service and GMB profile evaluation and editing.

  • SEO ASSISTANCE - Includes the keyword brainstorming session, site audit, and page by page recommendations based on competitor data.  $699 plus $79 per month for three months.


Contact us to talk through what would be most beneficial to your business.

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“Websites are the heart of marketing any business.  Marketing efforts should drive people from every other tool to your website to complete the action you want to achieve.”


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