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Business Card - Best Kept Secret

We’ve seen a lot of discussions around business cards over the last few years... Are they still relevant? What should I include on my business cards? How many do I need?


...because they're an efficient way to exchange information, they create instant brand recognition, they exemplify professionalism, and they are portable enough to keep with you at all times. The biggest benefit of having business cards is usually in a networking setting. Though it’s been a while, we will see eachother again soon!

"I ordered 500 business cards back in 2011, and I’ve never needed to reorder. I always have them with me, but I rarely give them out!

Why? I don’t want the gatekeepers phone number or the office phone number, I want the contacts cell phone number. I text a photo of my card to everyone I meet!"

Try taking a picture of the business cards you're offered, and text your card to every prospect you meet. It’s a good way to be environmentally conscious, and it really is better than taking home a stack of business cards with hand written reminder notes on the back.



We can quickly design, create, and print your business cards for you...

What should you include on your business card?

  • Your logo on the front and the back (two versions)

  • Your name, title, email, and website address, social media (icons ONLY)

  • Your picture (if you offer a service), or a picture of your storefront, food truck, or product.

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