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Do all business types need a website?

Techphix develops and maintains websites, facilitates email marketing campaigns, and manages social media for small businesses. Though all of these tools are essential, having a website is the most important by far!

Many people that have had success in the past without one struggle with investing in the added expense. These are our Top 5 reasons all businesses need a website...

“Why do I need a website?”

  1. Control Your Online Image (If you don't, other companies will!)

  2. Credibility

  3. Saves Money & Time

  4. Always Accessible

  5. Additional Sales Tool

The quick answer is “The landscape of the way everyone does business has changed. The first place we all go for information these days is the internet! If you want to be considered by new clients they need to feel confident in your stability, professionalism, and accessibility. Having a website helps to alleviate those concerns.”

Click here to download our detailed presentation!

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