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Bradley Bookkeeping & Financial Svcs

Bradley Bookkeeping and Financial Services ( meets the financial needs of both small businesses and families. Serving clients in Arizona, they assist small businesses requiring help with bookkeeping, taxes and audit services, as well as researching ways to improve business along the way. Bradley Bookkeeping and Financial Services also works with Personal Finance clients. They are individual or family units that desire better control over their finances, now and into the future.

At Techphix, our goal is to clearly show website visitors "who you are" and "what you do", and guide them to move forward in working with you. With that in mind, the agreed upon site map became:

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In addition to the clearly defined site map, Techphix homepages are designed like landing pages. Some site visitors click through the main menu from left to right, like they are reading a book. Other site visitors prefer to stay on the home page and scroll from top to bottom, so we include teaser strips of the other website pages in the same order. All strips are clickable to the full detailed page.

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