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Mother Earth Band

Mother Earth Band is a great group of musicians that came together to do what they love to do...sing, play, and raise money for a great cause. Their music is all about nature and human nature, as they promote positivity and ethical behavior towards the planet and our fellow man. They sell their music and cool merchandise through their website, and donate a portion of the proceeds to multiple charities.

At Techphix, our goal is to clearly show website visitors "who you are" and "what you do", and guide them to move forward in working with you. With that in mind, the agreed upon site map became:

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In addition to the clearly defined site map, Techphix homepages are designed like landing pages. Some site visitors click through the main menu from left to right, like they are reading a book. Other site visitors prefer to stay on the home page and scroll from top to bottom, so we include teaser strips of the other website pages in the same order. All strips are clickable to the full detailed page.

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