Websites for Small Business

Techphix develops and maintains websites, facilitates email marketing campaigns, and manages social media for small businesses.  We're closing the digital divide that plagues every small business...

  • Build Customer Confidence

  • Increase Loyalty and Referrals

  • Launch Promotions Efficiently

  • Become a Trusted Advisor

Small Business Technology Marketing Solutions


A strong web presence is crucial for every business to succeed.  Whether it is used for INFORMATIONAL purposes to tell customers who you are and what you do, or you want to launch an ADVANCED online marketing campaign.


Techphix will ensure your online image is polished and your customers are motivated to patronize your business!  Click here for more information about our websites!

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The goal of using Social Media Marketing is to create opportunities for interactions with customers.  These interactions build relationships where fans make purchases and become referral sources.


Techphix can work with you to post compelling content in a strategic manner with targeted release schedules to maximize customer advocacy.  Learn more

Techphix designs and prints postcard mailers, business cards, flyers and brochures for your business.  These are great marketing materials you can use to grow your customer base, promote new products, and increase customer awareness.


Most importantly, they keep you and your products top of mind with your customers and assist you with closing sales.  Contact us for more details!

A consistent email marketing program is an essential tool required to maintain a connection with your customers. Techphix will work with you to create professional and strategic email marketing campaigns.  Typical goals may include:


  • Promotion of new products or services

  • Make customers aware of events

  • Industry news, to keep you top of mind!

  • Offers of discounts and loyalty programs

Click here to view additional e-blasts we've done for some of our favorite clients!

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